Premiere of “Places in the Bay Area” for flute/piccolo and piano

Sarah Sullivan, fluteKristina Nyberg, piano
Sarah Sullivan & Kristina Nyberg

Places in the Bay Area *Premiere*
Tuesday, March 6, 8:00pm
Tuesday Night New Music
Pierce Hall at New England Conservatory
241 St. Botolph St, Boston MA. Free admission.

Performed by Sarah Sullivan, flute and piccolo, and Kristina Nyberg, piano.

With this piece, I sought to capture feelings I have about places in and around my former hometown of San Francisco, CA.

The first movement, San Francisco Streets – Home, features a lively, rhythmically-driven ritornello section alluding to the sunny energy of the city. The first instance of the ritornello is followed by a more reflective mood—perhaps a gray day out in the Richmond District. After a truncated ritornello, the music shifts character again to evoke some of the nostalgia I feel for my childhood home, an Edwardian apartment near the Presidio where my family lived for about 16 years.

The second movement, The Marin Headlands in Fog, features piccolo in place of flute. It depicts the mysterious atmosphere of the foggy coastal scenery of the Marin Headlands national park across the bay from the city.

The Marin Headlands
The Marin Headlands

I hope you can join me for Tuesday Night New Music!