October 18: Premiere of “Three Decorations” by New York University Percussion Ensemble

October 18, 2013 at 7:30pm
NYU Mix: NYU Percussion Ensemble
New York University

Frederick Loewe Theatre
35 West 4th Street, New York, NY.
*Free Admission*
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This concert will include the world premiere of my Three Decorations (2013) for percussion trio, presented by the NYU Percussion Ensemble (directed by Jonathan Haas) in collaboration with the Program in Music Composition.

Trencadís. Photo by Lucy Nieto.

Three Decorations is a work for three percussionists in three movements: Column (Ancient Trees Rising)Trencadís (Shards of Color), and Tapestry (Cozy Castle)Each movement is a musical response to, or evocation of, a favorite image of mine from European decorative art: first, the tree-like vertical extensions of cathedral columns; second, the colorful, asymmetrical style of mosaic popularized by Antoni Gaudí; third, some grand tapestry covered in millefleur designs warming the walls of a dark 15th century castle.

Three Decorations is my first foray into writing for drum set in a chamber music context. As a former rock drummer, I opted to utilize the kit in similar ways I would in a popular music idiom: to create groove, accentuating and supporting the interlocking syncopations heard in the pitched instruments.

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