Le Mystère du Pouvoir Féminin

Le Mystère du Pouvoir Féminin is a fabulous collaborative video piece created by Style412 and The Frick Pittsburgh, scored with excerpts from my choral piece Transform the World with Beauty performed by Skylark Vocal Ensemble. I’m honored to have my music featured in this beautiful work of film and fashion responding to radical Victorian art!

The video was screened on-site from November 6, 2021 through January 30, 2021 to accompany The Frick Pittsburgh’s special exhibition Victorian Radicals: From the Pre-Raphaelites to the Arts & Crafts Movement, and is now available for viewing online.

From The Frick Pittsburgh:

“Exploring the theme of feminist freedom, Le Mystère du Pouvoir Féminin (The Mystery of Female Power) captures the essence of Lady Godiva, who over time has become a sexual symbol, political activist and medieval myth. Godiva is often referenced as an 11th-century champion of the lower class, as legend holds that she rode naked through her town of Coventry, England in a challenge to the crippling taxes imposed by her powerful husband. Captured through art, literature, and history, her tale was a popular subject during the Victorian era. Lady Godiva inspired the work of many “Victorian Radicals” and is considered to be one herself through her commitment to justice, freedom, and equality.

Through this collaboration, Style412 delves into Lady Godiva’s mysterious feminine power and takes us on a modern-day journey of her legend. Presenting a cast of emerging artistic talent, we intentionally showcase a piece of work that embodies those less seen and heard within Pittsburgh’s rising fashion industry. Screenwriter Gabrielle Johnson invites us into a story of beauty, lust, power, and transformation. Sustainable stylist Brooke Bryant sources locally-designed or curated pieces inspired by fashions of the Victorian era.

The experiential perspective of Devin Corboy and Caito Amorose paired with an original musical score composed by Nell Shaw Cohen and performed by Skylark Vocal Ensemble, takes us on a journey of visual art, fashion, and symphony; a renaissance of delight and sensory exploration.”