Nine Muses (2009)

Miniatures for solo flute, violin, and harp. 13 ½ minutes.

Three sets of miniatures for solo instruments inspired by the Greek Muses.

Each of the movements may be programmed individually, or as a full set.
Scores are available for purchase. Please direct inquiries to Nell Shaw Cohen at


Euterpe (the delightful one)
Muse of music and lyric poetry

Thalia (the blossoming one)
Muse of comedy and bucolic poetry

Melpomene (the chanting one)
Muse of tragedy


Calliope (the beautiful of speech)
Chief of the Muses and Muse of epic poetry

Polyhymnia (the singer of many hymns)
Muse of sacred song, oratory, lyrics, singing, and rhetoric

Terpsichore (the dancing one)
Muse of choral song and dance


Clio (the glorious one)
Muse of history

Erato (the amorous one)
Muse of love or erotic poetry, lyrics, and marriage songs

Urania (the celestial one)
Muse of astronomy

Performance History

Proclaiming Pan, a program of music inspired by Greek mythology. Elizabeth Erenberg, flute; Maria Rindello Parker, harp; Gabe Terracciano, violin. Tufts University, Distler Performance Hall, 10/13/13 and Hunneman Hall, Brookline Public Library, Boston MA, 3/25/12.

Anne Gregory, flute; Maria Rindello Parker, harp; and Audrey Wright, violin. New England Conservatory, Williams Hall, Boston MA, 3/10/09.

Press Clippings

“[The movements for solo flute] were alternately distant but lyrical, lively and playful, and contemplative and precise. [The movements for solo harp] had the most complex musical textures: lush and polyphonic, busy and punctuated, and lively and joyous.” 
—Basil Considine, The Boston Music Intelligencer