Triptych (2011)

Guitar. 7 mins.

Score available for purchase. Please direct inquiries to Nell Shaw Cohen at

Program Note

Triptych (pronounced “trip-tik”) is a term from visual art describing an artwork divided into three sections that are displayed as a group. European Medieval and Renaissance triptychs were usually painted or carved wood or ivory panels connected by hinges for standing or folding, and would have two narrow panels flanking a larger, contrasting middle panel. My three-movement piece for solo guitar reflects this structural model. The first movement parallels the third in overall tempo, density, tonality, and duration, and contains similar musical devices (e.g., the ongoing use of droning upper strings). The middle movement is somewhat longer, slower, sparser, and more lyrical.

Triptych was composed for guitarist Devin Ulibarri. We collaborated throughout the creation of the piece.

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Performance History

Devin Ulibarri, guitar. New England Conservatory, Williams Hall, Boston MA, 4/26/11.

Devin Ulibarri, guitar. Beyond the Notes: Music Inspired by Art composer portrait recital. New England Conservatory, Pierce Hall, Boston MA, 11/02/12.

Devin Ulibarri, guitar. Democracy Center, Cambridge MA. 2/13/15.

Devin Ulibarri, guitar. Young Guitarists Workshop Faculty Recital at Boston GuitarFest, Jordan Hall, Boston MA. 6/16/15.